A message from Cheryl, Executive Director

We have numbers, the measurements of need in our community. During August, Village of Hope distributed 18,900 lbs /8,573 kg of locally collected/purchased food (with a value of $49,140) to families in Lincoln. We aided 298 2 parent families, 348 single parent families. These families loved 883 children. Our client families are from Jordan 13%, Vineland 64% , and Beamsville 23%. These numbers are just statistics, but at Village of Hope we see neighbours, going through difficult times. We are grateful to be able, with your support to lend them a hand up, to be the arm of your compassion, your shoulder of support to see them through these days of distress. Thank you Lincoln, you make our Village Stronger, Together.We’re in full harvest mode at Village of Hope this autumn. More than 7500lbs of food have been received in just the past few days. If you’re able to share, for an idea of what we need most please visit our page at villageofhopeniagara.org/food-bank In general, non-perishable foods, personal care products, and cleaning supplies are always welcome, and much appreciated.Look for the label #foodbankchoiceproduct while you #shopanextraplate,at Foodland Vineland and leave purchasesin the indicated area within the store for our collection.

#SAVETHEDATE SATURDAY NOVEMBER 14 when Village of Hope will be offering PORCH PICKUP for foods donated to the Village of Hope, Harvest of Hope Food Drive in our village in the communities of Vineland, Campden and Jordan from 10AM throughout the day.

Arrangements can be made with Kim Bakker at mail@villageofhopeniagara.org or 905 562 3003.

With your support, Village of Hope is extending Food Security To All In Lincoln,
because no one should go to bed hungry in our Village

Please Give, if you are able to!

We are a Village of Hope

Client Registration

Client registration is available online, and over the phone. The crisis of COVID-19 and the changes that has brought have seen client registrations surge from a few per week to more than a dozen and growing. Our expectation is for dozens of deliveries per day each week in Lincoln. Insecure family economies are breaking. If you need, please register. If you care to share, and can, please DONATE.

COVID-19 Local Information

For authoritative information concerning our community during the COVID-19 pandemic please follow and share information from our community health providers.

About our Village

Since 2008 Village of Hope has been assisting our neighbours in need through programs of empowerment, food bank, community garden, and thrift store. We offer resources and direction to those of our community who need a handup in their time of difficulty. Our focus is on food security in our community, and its effects on us mentally, socially, and economically. Our registered community of participants benefiting from our programs of empowerment now exceeds 500 families, and individuals. We welcome your interest, and investment. Give to give hope at villageofhopeniagara.org

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a village of hope

If you or someone you love is in need of village hope. We may have a program of benefit, or a box of food to see you through. Call 905 562 3003 or contact us at the link below

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