A message from Cheryl, Executive Director

Over 350 families have registered their children for Village of Hope’s Back To School for Kids. Lessen their burden. They’re ready for lessons, and school is returning - Show Families We Care. during Village of Hope's Back to School campaign in Lincoln. Please give, if you are able. See the link above.

How will you help? Sponsor a child for $50, or make a donation of your own determination. Your donation will ensure children receive grade appropriate supplies plus an additional $25 giftcard for school supplies, a reusable facemask, healthy lunch snacks every two weeks throughout the school year, and support our home internet subsidy to enable all children to access distance learning.

Children have been out of school since March 13. Families are facing the return of their children to school with considerable anxiety over health concerns, and precarious home budgets, the compounding fallout of COVID-19.

Please Give, if you are able to!

We are a Village of Hope

Client Registration

Client registration is available online, and over the phone. The crisis of COVID-19 and the changes that has brought have seen client registrations surge from a few per week to more than a dozen and growing. Our expectation is for dozens of deliveries per day each week in Lincoln. Insecure family economies are breaking. If you need, please register. If you care to share, and can, please DONATE.

COVID-19 Local Information

For authoritative information concerning our community during the COVID-19 pandemic please follow and share information from our community health providers.

About our Village

Since 2008 Village of Hope has been assisting our neighbours in need through programs of empowerment, food bank, community garden, and thrift store. We offer resources and direction to those of our community who need a handup in their time of difficulty. Our focus is on food security in our community, and its effects on us mentally, socially, and economically. Our registered community of participants benefiting from our programs of empowerment now exceeds 500 families, and individuals. We welcome your interest, and investment. Give to give hope at villageofhopeniagara.org

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a village of hope

If you or someone you love is in need of village hope. We may have a program of benefit, or a box of food to see you through. Call 905 562 3003 or contact us at the link below

Looking for help? Get in touch with us.