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A message from Cheryl, Executive Director

Each year Village of Hope Niagara provides a special back to school commitment for each child of our registered families. This year the costs of providing for children returning to school have increased dramatically while their family incomes remain fixed and insufficient for even food and shelter. The children of our neighbours in need, despite circumstances, have the same aspirations for their futures, and deserve every opportunity to achieve. With your support we will assist families with a knapsack of necessary school supplies, re-useable lunch containers, and healthy snacks throughout the year.

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July continues with Village of Hope Niagara's Awareness and Support raising for alleviation of food insecurity in Lincoln. In our community more than 12%, 1 in 8 among our neighbours are going hungry a part of each month. With food costs up by 9.7 per cent, and shelter costs up by 7.4 per cent seniors, children, and their families in our community of Lincoln are each affected. Village of Hope Niagara, with our team of local volunteers, provides access to a foodbank, distributing 6500kg/15000lbs benefitting more than 1500 people each month, and that's just the beginning of our assistance programs.

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Village of Hope Niagara extends our heartfelt gratitude to Lincoln for delivering profoundly in our Food For All Food Drive. A special thanks to all of the volunteers from across Lincoln that came out to make this Lincoln-wide Food Drive of Hope a huge success. Our community came together, and made a huge impact on food insecurity for the coming months ahead. With more than $50K in food and funds raised in 3 hours. It was definitely a day that surpassed any goals we might have had. Thank you all so much. It takes a Village....

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This year will continue to challenge our community, our health, our opportunities, our futures face so much uncertainty but those who find themselves in need of counsel, and a hand up can always count on this Village of Hope Niagara to do all we are able to find a way. Already, new registrations at Village of Hope Niagara are increasing, and our Village of Hope Niagara home deliveries of much needed food will tax our food bank reserves. We're always in need of community supported food supplies, if you are able.

Please SHARE if you are able, donate with the link above or directly at Village of Hope Niagara centres MAIN 2540 S Service Road (at 15th) MAP, 905-562-3113 // THRIFT 2831 R Road 81 (at Haynes) MAP - 905-562-3003.

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Since 2008, Village of Hope Niagara has been working in our community to alleviate food insecurity, lending a handup to our neighbours in need. We are community-supported, volunteer-centred, proudly local, and a nationally recognized organization with Charitable Registration Number 835825399RR0001 – Receipts are issued for tax-deductible donations.

“ With your support, Village of Hope Niagara is extending Food Security to all in Lincoln,
because NO ONE should go to bed HUNGRY in our Village

We are a Village of Hope

Client Registration

Client registration is available here, over the phone, and in-person.
If you need, please register.
Download the file at the link below, and bring this in to our centre at
2540 South Service Road (at 15th) Jordan Station 905-562-3113
MAP – Hours: 10AM-4PM Monday-Friday

About Our Village of Hope Niagara

Since 2008, Village of Hope Niagara has been assisting our neighbours in need through programs of empowerment, foodbank, community garden, and thrift store. We offer resources and direction to those of our community who need a handup in their time of difficulty. Our focus is on alleviation of food insecurity. Our registered community of participants benefitting from our programs of empowerment now exceeds 1500 Lincoln residents throughout the year. We welcome your interest and support.

a village of hope

If you or someone you love is in need of a village of hope. We may have a program of benefit available, or a box of food. Call 905 562 3113 or contact us at the links below.

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