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A message from Cheryl, Executive Director

Our Village Cares in the Season of Hope” is raising hope and reaching out in our Village this holiday season. Our Lincoln neighbours in need are facing the most difficult season of all. Without sufficient incomes or support, many will remain food and shelter insecure. While all around is joyous with the coming celebration more than 12% of our community know anxiety and despair, with futures uncertain. We’re working now through the holidays to see that our neighbours too can share their hopes and joys over a Season of Hope festive dinner (and more) with their children, parents, and partners. PLEASE SPONSOR, or DONATE for a Family $250, Senior $75, or Child $50 (or other amount) so that we may deliver a Holiday Food Hamper and Gifts to our Lincoln neighbours in need.
Please SHARE if you are able, donate with the button above or directly at Village of Hope Niagara
- 2540 South Service Road (at 15th), Lincoln (Jordan Stn) ON L0R 1S0 905-562-3113 MAP - https://w3w.co/steep.assign.typewriter – Hours: M-Th 10AM-4PM; Fr Noon-4PM

Food insecurity - not having enough money to buy food - is a serious public health problem in Ontario; 13% of households in Ontario are food insecure; 63% of households who are food insecure have employment as their main income; 59% of households receiving social assistance are food insecure. In our community of Lincoln, more than 12%, 1 in 8 among our neighbours, are going hungry a part of each month. With food costs up by 9.7 per cent, and shelter costs up by 7.4 per cent, seniors, children, and their families in our community are dramatically affected.

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VIP Open House Feb 15-16, 2023 - Tickets Available NOW. Limit of 200 for each date
Join us when we'll inaugurate our consolidated Thriftstore... together under one roof with our Foodbank, and Programs of Assistance at 2540 South Service Road (at 15th). See where there's more in store - All product exclusive to VIP ticket holders on February 15 & 16. From Noon to 7PM each day.

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Together we build community. This year GivingTuesday is Nov 29. Throughout the year with our volunteers we work to make our village a more inclusive sharing community. GivingTuesday is an opportunity to recognize that each of us can contribute to its betterment, for all of our neighbours.
GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good: make someone smile, help a neighbour or stranger, show up for an issue you care about, or give some of what you have to those in need. Over the past nine years it has since grown into a global movement, unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.
This year Canada is participating alongside more than 80 countries worldwide, rallying around one unifying theme: TOGETHER WE ... GIVE, THANK, STAND, HELP, HEAL

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“ With your support, Village of Hope Niagara is extending Food Security to all in Lincoln,
because NO ONE should go to bed HUNGRY in our Village

We are a Village of Hope

Client Registration

Client registration is available here, over the phone, and in-person.
If you need, please register.
Download the file at the link below, and bring this in to our centre at
2540 South Service Road (at 15th) Jordan Station 905-562-3113
MAP https://w3w.co/steep.assign.typewriter – Hours: 10AM-4PM Monday-Friday

About our Village of Hope Niagara

Since 2008, Village of Hope Niagara has been assisting our neighbours in need through programs of empowerment, foodbank, community garden, and thrift store. We offer resources and direction to those of our community who need a handup in their time of difficulty. Our focus is on alleviation of food insecurity. Our registered community of participants benefitting from our programs of empowerment now exceeds 1500 Lincoln residents monthly, throughout the year. We welcome your interest and support.

a Village of Hope

If you or someone you love is in need of a Village of Hope. We may have a program of benefit available, or a box of food. Call 905 562 3113 or contact us at the links below.

Looking for help? Get in touch with us.