Toonie 2 Turkey fund

6 October 2020

Now, through October 14 in-store at FOODLAND VINELAND, please support our Toonie 2 Turkey fund, to ensure more families in Lincoln can gather around the table and give thanks for what they are about to receive. Our Thanksgiving Hamper program delivers a Thanksgiving Turkey and assorted other foods to complement the holiday. This year like no other before, has seen more families pushed into need, and with you, we’re here for our neighbours. Thank you for your support and participation Julie and Brian Culp at our village Foodland (Closed Oct 12)

Also, look for the sign in-store and #shopanextraplate. We’re excited to be promoting our Autumn Food Drive promotion at Foodland Vineland. In-store, look for the #foodbankchoiceproduct label on store shelves indicating products especially needed in the foodbank this season. Your purchase of these products can be deposited in the bin at the checkout. In the first 2 days since we’ve placed our labels throughout the store, your response of more than 740 items donated is heartwarming. Thank you Foodland for your commitment to Our Village.