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Addressing the need for social interaction between community members, especially seniors, is an important consideration for Village of Hope.

  • The Book Club meets once per week to provide an environment for comfortable social engagement.
  • Once per month Weigh In encourages community members to pursue healthier food and lifestyle choices in an encouraging and supportive environment.
  • Activate gets community members out walking once per week in beautiful West Niagara.
  • Friendly Visits has community members visiting local long term care facilities in order to provide some added social interaction for residents.


Those living with mental or emotional fragility need the support and understanding of the community. Village of Hope is a strong advocate for these individuals.

  • The First Steps in helping someone with a mental health issue is at the point of first encounter. Village of Hope provides emotional support and direction, rather than judgement, at the very first meeting with a community member in need.
  • Schedule a Visit between community members and local mental health practitioners provide the professional medical support that is often required.


Addressing and maintaining the nutritional needs of members in the community, both young and old, is a top priority of Village of Hope.

  • We offer a monthly fresh food box of assorted fruits and vegetables to members in the West Niagara community.
  • Snack Attack offers parents healthier snack options for their school-aged children throughout the week.


Programs that support and enhance the needs of children within the community will continue to be at the forefront of Village of Hope.

  • Jump Start assists families financially in pursuing organized activities for their school-aged children.
  • Book and A Buddy, an annual children’s literacy event, helps to promote reading, quality family time, healthy snacks and positive social engagement.

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