Village of Hope and Second Harvest are reducing food waste

20 January 2022

Village of Hope Niagara are pleased to announce our new partnership with Second Harvest Canada Food Rescue. With the introduction of their Second Harvest Food Rescue App local food producers, restaurants, or providers that have current over supply of food will be able to quickly and conveniently contact Village of Hope Niagara. Collected foods then will be made immediately available through our food bank to our neighbours in need.

Second Harvest is the largest food rescue organization in Canada and global thought leader on food recovery.
They work across the supply chain from farm to retail to capture surplus food before it ends up in the landfill which negatively impacts our environment.
Last year, they recovered more than 22.3 million pounds of nutritious, unsold food — focusing on protein, dairy and produce — they rescued before it became waste and redistributed to a broad network of 2,300 social service organizations. Supported by hundreds of corporations, foundations, and the community at large, they rescue and redistribute enough food to provide over 62,000 meals a day in Canada. Since 1985 they have rescued and delivered more than 177 million pounds of food, preventing over 75 million pounds of greenhouse gas equivalents from entering our atmosphere.

If you are a food producer, restaurant, or provider, The Second Harvest Food Rescue App connects your business with surplus food directly to Village of Hope Niagara who'll put it to great use. Food donations from local businesses support a network of over 2,300 social service organizations like Village of Hope Niagara across Canada, providing healthy and fresh food for community initiatives from snacks for children’s after-school programs, meals for seniors, prepared meals, food for shelters and drop-in centres, to local food banks. Donating food also helps protect our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and it keeps healthy food where it belongs: in pantries and on plates, not in landfills.

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