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The mission of Village of Hope is to Inspire nutrition, hope and independence in those who struggle financially and emotionally through involvement with our direct assistance, positive programs, and resource referrals.

Compassion first is one of the mantras of this charitable agency. Extending a hand when someone asks for help is our primary mission. Empathy is a powerful influence when assisting a community member in crisis. That desire to help another is a cornerstone of the programs and services offered by this agency.

Food Program

Client families are encouraged to visit Village of Hope on the third Thursday of every month to receive their Fresh Food Box containing an assortment of fruits and vegetables, as well as any nonperishables, breads and baked goods, and personal care items that they may be needing. This service is provided twelve months of the year.

Food 1st Program

A collaborative effort between Village of Hope, Health Links and Community Support Services in which targeted clients at risk of repeat emergency medical services receive a personalized fresh food box on a weekly basis. This service is provided indefinitely.

Clothing Program

Each time client families access the Food Program they receive Village of Hope Dollars, which can be redeemed for clothes, shoes and coats.

Emergency Utility Program

Village of Hope works closely with and advocates for each and every individual registered at our agency to ensure utility service at all times. Keeping clients connected saves them money and maintains a good credit rating.

Back To School Campaign

At the end of every summer each school aged child registered at VoH receives a knapsack filled with grade appropriate school supplies, to make that first day of School the best ever!

Budgeting/Income Tax Preparation

Village of Hope believes strongly that we need to work together to make a difference, all clients are encouraged to attend budgeting sessions throughout the year. This has proven successful for many registered clients.

Meal Planning/Cooking Classes

Registered clients are encouraged to sign up for meal planning and cooking classes scheduled throughout the year. Instruction on preparing salsas, jams and preserves are just a few of the culinary preparations Village of Hope sponsors. Clients receive professional instruction on safe food handling and storage, as well as go home with a treat for their families.

Season of Hope Hamper/Angel/Community Dinner Program

All registered Families/Individuals and Seniors receive a Season of Hope Hamper with everything they need to prepare a traditional turkey supper. The hamper also includes gifts for each individual.

Every December 23 Village of Hope serves up a Traditional Turkey dinner to hundreds in our community. Thanks to the many volunteers who serve, cook and provide an evening of Season of Hope celebration to those who struggle in our community. Santa also makes an appearance and provides a new gift for every child.

It Takes a Village Program

It Takes a Village revolutionizes the way in which Village of Hope significantly impacts the lives of community members in need. Utilizing a network of community partners, It Takes a Village, meets the most pressing needs of Village of Hope clients across the Niagara Region.

On a proactive basis, Village of Hope reviews client needs. Depending upon the need, a community partner is contacted. Consultation occurs at Village of Hope, and a solution that best meets the needs of the client results. This collaborative effort between Village of Hope and community business partners and donors, positively addresses the cost of emergency capital projects faced by our families.

Safe at Home Program

A program that provides furniture and household items to families, seniors and individuals who are registered low income, facing times of crisis in their lives and find themselves without the basic necessities to furnish their homes.

Birthday Wishes Program

Registered clients are invited to come in the week of their child’s birthday and choose two new gifts, plus party supplies. They will also receive a voucher for a birthday cake from Culp’s Vineland Foodland.

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