Duliban, Gore Insurance Cheque Support with 10K

14 October 2022

Village of Hope Niagara was grateful for the opportunity to welcome representatives of Duliban Insurance Brokers, and one of their Broker partners Gore Mutual Insurance for the presentation of a donation cheque for 10,000 dollars to support our programs throughout the year. Gore Mutual Insurance were a sponsor of this year's Annual Duliban 5K Fun Run on October 1 in Fonthill. On behalf of Village of Hope Niagara, Duliban Insurance Brokers recommended our consideration for Gore Mutual Insurance's "Good Matching Program", a program where they match proceeds given to a deserving charity. We are so grateful to be selected for this donation recognition. Thank you both Duliban Insurance Brokers, and Gore Mutual Insurance. Photo: Cheryl Keddy-Scott, Andrea Bushey, Jessica McCord, Stephanie Oliver (Duliban: https://www.facebook.com/DulibanInsurance) April Ravarra (Gore Mutual Insurance: https://www.facebook.com/GoreMutual/)