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Our Story

It Takes a Village…

The age-old African proverb states wisely, It takes a village to raise a child. That strong sense of community is important in nurturing the lives of all community members, be they young, or older. Located within the Village of Jordan (Lincoln), Village of Hope Niagara aims to positively impact the lives of each community member in the area.

Compassion first is one of the mantras of our charitable agency. Extending a hand when someone asks for help is our primary mission. Empathy is a powerful influence when assisting a community member in crisis. That desire to help another is a cornerstone of the programs and services offered by Village of Hope Niagara.

With a valuable resource in the network of available social services, community members can become plugged in, when they approach Village of Hope Niagara.

Executive Director, Cheryl Keddy-Scott, with her wealth of knowledge and experience in the social services sector within Niagara, readily assists community members in their search for the services most suitable to their particular needs.


Advocacy and working on behalf of one another are commonplace at Village of Hope Niagara. Those who may not be in a position to best represent themselves due to a lack of resources – financial or emotional fortitude, are assisted by Village of Hope Niagara in order to ensure that their needs are addressed by the appropriate program or service available.

An open door policy greets every member of the community. Those looking to help in some way, those in need of help, and those simply looking for more information are always welcome at Village of Hope Niagara. Our main centre is located at 2540 South Service Road (at 15th) Jordan Station 905-562-3113 MAP - https://w3w.co/steep.assign.typewriter and our THRIFT STORE is at 2831 Regional Road 81 (Highway 8) (at Haynes) Jordan 905-562-3003 MAP - https://w3w.co/admissions.workflow.pinch. Our mailing address is Box 162, Vineland, ON, L0R 2C0. Community members may also contact Village of Hope Niagara outside of normal business hours at 905-964-3809 because needs do not always arise between during business day.

Financial support is always greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your consideration. Tax receipts will be issued.